Prog. Sec: Chinwe Ogbujah

With extensive experience in the ICT field of at least 8years, Chinwe has developed a strong skill and capacity to effectively design, administer and manage ICT projects. Driven by a passion to leverage on ICT to proffer scalable solutions and a personal objective to seek for and harness available resources to create a robust framework for knowledge sharing and development, I strongly believe in agile and scalable IT.

Chinwe is a firm believer in capacity building hence my interest and work in STEM. She has volunteered for and worked with organizations to empower women and girls through capacity building and pursuing a career in ICT, she works with NGOs to empower women and girls using ICT and other tools. She is the founder of the Messenger of Hope International Foundation, a NFPO primarily focused on Community development and capacity building. Chinwe is a Content Creator, using Media as a tool to educate and empower people for social good. She is developing skills in ML/AI with particular interest in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Chinwe’s interest includes Women Empowerment using STEM, Information Security, IoT, Big Data, Waste Management using Embedded Systems, Computer Programming, Open Source Technologies and Cloud Computing.

She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Information Technology.