Spotlight on Women in Tech: Celebrating Your Contribution to Nigeria’s Internet Growth!

Join the movement on March 8th!This year’s International Women’s Day theme, “Inspire Inclusion”, calls us all to action.

What does inclusion mean? It’s about creating a world where women of all backgrounds, identities, and abilities feel:

Valued: Their voices are heard, their contributions are recognized.

Empowered: They have access to opportunities and resources to thrive.

Represented: They see themselves reflected in leadership and decision-making.

This link is dedicated to inspiring inclusion for women. Here, you’ll find:

Stories of remarkable women who are breaking barriers and achieving greatness.

1. Bukola Oronti is a network administrator with over 15 years work experience in campus network and server administration. She volunteers with the Internet Society as a reviewer and also as a tutor. Bukola currently serves as a member of ICANN AtLarge Advisory Council.

My journey so far in the Internet ecosystem has been that of determination. My desire to have more of my gender in this space has been a major motivation for me in building capacity. My love for capacity building led me to volunteer with the Internet Society on technical courses and had me paying special attention to encouraging more women in the program.
I have faced various challenges in the field and I don’t see it any different from challenges women face when they are found in male dominated fields.
My advice to any women/girl desiring to make positive impact in this space is that be ready to work and walk alone. If you are fortunate to have people hold your hand along the way, then be grateful. And whether you have someone help you make the journey easy or not, always ensure that you make the journey easy for those coming behind you.