Safer Internet Day Ibadan

Safer Internet Day Ibadan 2019 themed Together for a better Internet, was organized by Bukola Oronti of Internet Society Nigeria chapter and was celebrated with about fifty students (ranging from JSS2 – SS2) of Ajibode grammar school. The students were educated on the skills needed for them to stay safe online and offline using the 4Rs; respect, responsibility, resilience and reasoning. The event was aimed to enlighten the students on the importance of having a safe Internet and the role each of them has to play to have a safe Internet for all.

Fifty students were in attendance at the event. The students shared various ways in which they use the Internet. Most of the students who were active on social Media express their experience and spoke about how they fee when bullied by colleagues at school and also related the experience to when they make a post and someone places a hurting comment on social media.