Internet Governance Working Group Co-Chairs

Emmanuel C. Ogu

( is an aspiring Tech Diplomat, who is currently a trained Computer Scientist, a Chartered IT Professional, an Advocate for Digital Rights & Freedom, a Cybersecurity Specialist, a Technology Governance & Digital Development Expert, and a Sustainable Development Researcher. He was a 2020 ISOC Youth Ambassador to the IGF, and a Fellow at ICANN72.

He is Founder / President of the #DearGovernments Organization (, and has more than 7 years cumulative experience working at the intersection of Information Technology, with Public Policy, Cybersecurity, Sustainable Development, Internet Governance, and Digital Rights.

Benjamin Ebi. Ikibah

He works at the ICT Department of the National assembly as a Chief Program Analyst, a member of the Internet Society for years, and a strong advocate of tghhe spread of the internet in Nigeria.


John Gbadamosi

John Gbadamosi is a Programme Officer primarily attached to the Digital Rights Department of Media Rights Agenda. However, his work cuts across freedom of expression, access to information, media freedom, and grassroots advocacy, in addition to digital rights and Internet freedom issues. Over the years, he has engaged with a wide range of actors and communities on issues in these areas.

A graduate of Banking and Finance from Lagos State University, John has undertaken several training programmes in the human rights and digital rights field locally, regionally and internationally.

He is a fellow of Article 19’s Internet of Rights (IoR) Fellowship Programme and in that capacity; he examined regulatory guidelines for deployment of broadband services in Nigeria. In the scope of his project, he mapped the guidelines, looked at license procedures, and drew out the human rights issues.

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