With your membership, you make a strong contribution to the mission of ISOC: a free, open and safe internet for everyone. You contribute to a world in which everyone has access to the internet to share knowledge, to innovate and to make his or her voice heard.

Member of ISOC NG and
A membership of ISOC Nigeria means that you also become a member of ISOC international, the umbrella organization with more than 110 chapters around the world. This is how you sign up:

  • Go to the site of ISOC international
  • Please provide a working email address with your application so that we can contact you. After registration, you will receive a welcome e-mail from
  • Then choose from ‘Communities’ for participation in ‘Nigeria chapter’. You will receive a mail from ISOC Nigeria some time afterwards (because not automatically).
  • Once you join the Nigeria Chapter, please consider joining a working group

Only interested in receiving news?
You will receive the ISOC newsletter monthly. Register as an interested person by sending an e-mail to admin at