Draft Guidelines for Internet Society Nigeria Chapter Working Groups

Good day Members,

I hope you are doing great and the new month is off to a good start. Apologies for taking so long to share the details of the working groups. Not to worry; it is time for the work to start in earnest.

Warning: Long email ahead (but your action is required within the next few days). You can also find the contents of this email at goo.gl/hjhPUr

The following text explains what we had in mind for the working groups. Each working group is however free to amend the charter templates as proposed at https://goo.gl/3DrRpY and share with the Executive Council before adoption. Changes to Purpose/Mission may also be proposed.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.


Dewole Ajao
For: Chapter Executive Council

Chapter Working Groups have been created based on five general areas of interest. Each group consists of:

Two (2) Working Group Co-Chairs – from the general Chapter membership (1-year term; maximum of 2 successive terms)
Executive Council Liaison – ExCo Member
Working Group Members


Each WG has their own charter as defined by the individual group. The charter shall be reviewed each year and shall consist of at least the following sections:

Scope / Duties / Responsibilities



Participation / Membership

Communication channels

Charter templates for use as starting point by each group can be found at https://goo.gl/3DrRpY

Convening and Reporting

The WGs will convene (virtually or face-to-face) regularly at defined intervals.
The Secretary of the WGs will report to the EC liaison on a regular basis.
The EC liaison will brief the Executive Council during their scheduled meetings in addition to monthly email reports from the Co-Chairs.

Core Activities

Community projects.
Meet ups, workshops, talks and information sessions.
Increasing the flow of information to Board, Chapter and public about specific topics.
Liaising with other Chapter WGs, Chapters and industry organizations.

Purposes / Missions of the Working Groups

Please note that the following in not exhaustive and only serves as a primer to help the working groups get started with some of the work that is to be done to develop the Internet in Nigeria.

The purpose of the ISOC-NG Infrastructure and Community Networks working group is to:

Promote the development of extensive Internet infrastructure in Nigeria
Advocate the coordination of Internet infrastructure efforts across multiple government and non-government entities for greater effectiveness
Encourage and provide direction for the growth of Community networks to augment existing Internet infrastructure
Promote Security in the design and management of Internet infrastructure (including computing applications and the Internet of Things)
Carry out CyberSecurity awareness and education activities

The purpose of the ISOC-NG Protocols and Standards working group is to:

Encourage Nigerian participation in the development of Internet protocols and standards
Encourage Nigerian participation in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
Encourage widespread adoption of relevant Internet protocols and best practices
Aid the benchmarking and standardization of Internet-related services in Nigeria
Raise timely awareness on key issues around Internet Engineering, Protocols and Standards
Engage stakeholders and Develop materials for education and orientation on Internet Engineering, Protocols and Standards

The purpose of the ISOC-NG Policy and Governance working group is to:

Educate the Nigerian Internet community on the global Internet governance structures
Promote the development of Internet policy and governance mechanisms for an open, secure and globally-connected Internet
Encourage participation of the Nigerian Internet community in global Internet governance
Raise timely awareness on key policy and governance issues
Engage stakeholders and Develop materials for education and orientation on key Internet policy and governance areas.

The purpose of the ISOC-NG Innovation and Incubation working group is to:

Support/Encourage the development of Businesses, Software, Applications and other Innovations for improving everyday life e.g healthcare, agriculture, education, logistics, commerce, etc.
Encourage the adoption and application of Internet technologies to everyday life
Advocate for a regulatory environment that keeps the Internet trusted enough to remain a platform for permissionless innovation
Build a community of innovators committed to using the Internet for good
Raise awareness on new innovations that may have bearing on Internet access
Support outstanding innovators working towards the Chapter’s mission

The purpose of the ISOC-NG Stakeholder Engagement and Member Development working group is to:

Sensitize members and the Nigerian public about educational resources available for training in Internet-related topics
Sensitize members on opportunities available from the Internet Society and how to access them
Promote the use of Internet Society tools and documentation for personal/professional development
Engage stakeholders (including external organizations) in the Nigerian Internet ecosystem to bring an Internet that is open, secure and globally connected to everyone in Nigeria.
Coordinate capacity-building activities for ISOC Nigeria Chapter

First Activity

Working groups are expected to convene their first meeting within the next 10 days and choose their co-chairs. Along with (s)election of co-chairs, working groups are to modify/adopt their charter to guide their activities. Instant messaging groups and email discussion lists have been provided for your convenience. The ExCo will also have a liaison in each group.

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