IETF 102 Meeting – Viewing Hub Report

ISOC, ISOCng in collaboration with JosNOG hosted an IETF 102 Viewing hub at the University of Jos, Naraguta Campus, Jos – Nigeria. IETF 102 Viewing Hub is the second series holding in Jos this year (2018),  the Hub recorded more participants this time compared to that of IETF101 in March 2018. There were 27 participants from across the University community and sister Institution (St Louis College, Jos – hosting the only all girls Cisco Academy in Africa)

The attendees cut across different departments and profession including Lecturers, ICT staff, and Students. More than 60% of the attendees were ‘first timers’ to IETF and were excited to learn about IETF principles and operations; which was worthwhile for some of them as they could identify some linkages with their academic activities. Due to the time difference between Nigeria and Canada, the participants from Jos started with registration at 12 noon (7am at Montreal) and continued with interactive discussions about IETF activities and a recap on last meeting of IETF 101, this was to prepare the participants with the basics before the main IETF 102 meeting.

The viewing hub allowed participation remotely at the IETF 102 meeting holding at Montreal. This was an opportunity to understand the Mission of IETF and how the community can provide contributions. The benefits of the viewing hub are enormous, but most importantly is the research ideas that were ignited in the minds of the academic participants. While most of the participants were attending the IETF meeting for the first time, there was a presentation on IETF by Mr. Joel Gogwim.

The ISOCng Treasurer Dr. Mary-Jane Sule gave a brief on ISOC activities globally and its support across Africa, and specifically to St Louis College Jos (in terms of grant for ICT infrastructure deployment in the College) and the viewing hub.

The hub participated at the morning sessions with special interest on the Multi-Protocol Layer Switching (MPLS). To provide a background and basics on the theme; a brief session on MPLS was presented by a Cisco Instructor – Mr Sati Dapel and Mr Gogwim to enable participants participate fully during the meeting.

It was a successful outing and the feedback during the meeting was encouraging as the participants are more aware of IETF / ISOC activities, zealous to joint ISOC and determined to participate in subsequent IETF/ISOC events. Therefore, the Hub is an opportunity for reaching many about IETF/ISOC activities, events, missions, and also a mediating opportunity for those who could not afford traveling to the meeting in Canada to participate physically.

Hence, it was a successful outing and we acknowledge the support of ISOC in bridging the physical divide.

Pictures of Participants during the Meeting