Webinar | Making Sense of Internet Policies & Regulations

African governments’ approach to regulating technology and digital spaces in recent times can be assumed to be at the detriment of the interests of some other stakeholders in the space, who rely on the open and smooth functioning of these technological media.

The necessity to arm the civil society with the aptitude to fundamentally reason through the various digital policy and regulations (even without prior legal training) is easily apparent. In order to amplify the power of advocacy, the resonation of knowledgeable stakeholder voices across various levels of society presents a formidable catalyst that is impossible to disregard.

It is in light of this that the Internet Governance Working Group (IG-WG) of the Internet Society Nigeria Chapter (ISOC-NG) is organizing this Webinar – titled: “Making Sense of Internet Policies & Regulations” This Workshop is the first of a three-part Training Series organized by the IG-WG at ISOC-NG, which aims to empower community members with the rudimentary competence that is needed to engage knowledgeably and with much impact towards proposed or existing Internet policies and regulations.



Adamma ISAMADE – Legal Practitioner

Ridwan OLOYEDE – Policy Expert, Tech Hive Advisory

Obare Princess DAFIAGHOR – Policy Enthusiast and Legal Practitioner

Ebenezer DARE – Policy Enthusiast and Tech Entrepreneur



Emmanuel C. OGU: Co-Chair, Internet Governance Working Group (IG-WG) of ISOC-NG | Founder/President, DearGovs

John GBADAMOSI: Co-Chair, Internet Governance Working Group (IG-WG) of ISOC-NG

Engr. Kunle OLORUNDARE: Vice President, ISOC-NG | Coordinator, ISOC-NG Working Groups

Theme: “Making Sense of Internet Policies & Regulations”


Date: Thursday 21st April, 2022.
Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm (WAT/Nigeria time)

register here: https://sng.ng/isocngws001


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