CALL FOR SUBMISSION: ISOC Beyond the Net Funding Programme Chapter Small Grants 2019

The Internet Society assists Chapters in good standing with financial support of up to 3,500 USD yearly to complement the Internet Society’s global work and increase the visibility of the Chapter.

The funding could be used for

  • Internet-related Events
  • Chapter Fundraising
  • Internet Education/Training
  • Networking/Partnerships
  • Chapter Marketing/Public Relations
  • Chapter Leadership Growth
  • Chapter Membership Growth/Engagement

ISOCng is a Chapter in good standing and the Chapter Board would be delighted to receive submissions / applications from its members towards projects that are valuable and in line with the Chapter objectives as listed at and

Of the $3,500 available for 2019, the Chapter will be supporting up to four (4) member-initiated projects up to a maximum of 750 USD only each.  

How to apply

·   Submit your proposal to the Chapter Board about the project idea through email :

·   All ideas / applications must be submitted latest by 12 noon on the 30th of  May 2019. Subsequently, applications will be evaluated in the preceding year.

·   Although the successful applications will be submitted by the Chapter Board via the Chapter account, all applications must use the format of the grant application forms within the member portal. Applications submitted directly via individual accounts will not be processed.

We look forward to #shapingtomorrow with you.